O.C. 'Out of Control' Oglivey & Mark Stiggs a.k.a. O.C. & Stiggs

"It was incredibly great and then we hauled ass"--O.C.& Stiggs, circa 1981

General Info

O.C.& Stiggs were the Beavis and Butt-head of the early 80's. They were a creation from the writers of National Lampoon magazine and were proud of being "problem teens." They first appeared in the July '81 (Endless, Mindless Summer Sex) issue in two articles, "Summer Fun with O.C. and Stiggs" and "Some Real Stupid Guys That O.C. and Stiggs Know Go to the Beach." They also appeared in "The O.C. and Stiggs Annual Gash Report 1981" in the February '82 (The Sexy Issue), "The O.C. and Stiggs Guaranteed Method of Porking the Vice-President's Wife" in the June '82 (Do It Yourself issue), in Sept.'82 (Hot Sex) they made a cameo appearance in a hilarious photo-toon named "How Do Girls Get Pregnant?" in which Timmy and Lassie explore the reproductive system of Suzanne Somers and, finally, there was the classic special issue in October '82 (The Utterly Monstrous, Mind-Roasting Summer of O.C. and Stiggs) pictured here This is the most sought-after O.C. & Stiggs issue but personally I found the stories in the July '81 issue to be much funnier.
There was an extremely sorry movie made of them in the mid-80's. I don't remember much about it except that it was a terrible flick and Dennis Hopper was in it.


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The National Lampoon died off soon after O.C. & Stiggs stopped making their grand appearances. By the late 90's it had gone to bi-monthly then only one or two issues per year and eventually went belly-up.

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